WHY I do it. ​ In a world where we spend more time on laptops, phones and tablets, I like to engage with people and give them memories of a time of their lives they will cherish forever!

WHO I am.  I fell in love with the art of photography when I was 15 years old.  I purchased my first SLR camera, that I still have today, and have been making happy memories ever since.

WHAT I do. I am mainly a wedding & portrait photographer based in Banbridge, Co Down.  I also dabble with model portfolios and commercial shoots as well.  I like landscape photography as a stress reliever - headphones, camera and a tripod always relaxes me.

HOW I do it. For weddings and portraits my style is almost photojournalistic. I like to document the events and try and get a real sense of how people really feel.  With the model shoots, it depends on the assignment, I like to change it up a little.

WHERE I do it.  Obviously with weddings the venue is constantly changing.  With portraiture, I like to get the subject in a comfortable area, some where that suits them and their style.  I do have a studio as a back up because lets face it, we live in Northern Ireland and the weather can be a little unpredictable.

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98 Brookfield Meadows, Banbridge, BT32 3FR

Tel - 02840660884   Mob - 07842077069

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